Door: Rob van der Rijt, 15 October 2013

Cherish global attention for climate change

Governments, NGOs, businesses and citizens are increasingly aware of the causes and consequences of climate change. Governments come together on a global scale to discuss measures to tackle this problem head on and citizens worldwide launch local initiatives to generate renewable energy or to perform energy saving measures.  According to experts, the current efforts do not go far enough to stop global warming from reaching the critical additional 2 degrees Celsius. Yet there is, and I think that’s unique, a global awareness and a common commitment that we have to get people and the planet we’re living on back in balance. This commitment can contribute to the necessary acceleration in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions globally.

Global attention
From Australia to Morocco and from China to Brazil organizations create awareness, introduce energy-saving measures and promote the generation of renewable energy. Working on a solution to stop climate change crosses boundaries, religions, and cultures. The urgency that we feel and experience, and the power of the Internet and social media contribute to an accelerated sustainability of our energy consumption. This results in a universal commitment for a humanity that is more in balance with itself and with the planet it inhabits. The collaboration in this joint endeavor is unique in my eyes and should be nurtured.

After nurturing time for action
After a brief moment of nurturing it’s time for action.  Now that there is an increasing awareness of the causes and consequences of climate change, governments, businesses and citizens can make the choices needed to solve climate change issues. These choices feel better every day because they are supported by scientific research, a shared understanding and common experience.  For organizations that want to start their contribution to stop climate change today, I draw your attention to This CO2 reduction platform has dozens of energy saving tips, a free CO2 footprint calculator and an on-line five-step roadmap for a carbon-neutral business. And when it is not climate change that causes you to reduce your energy consumption, you may also do so because it is good for your organization’s wallet too!