Free carbon footprint calculator

What is the carbon footprint of your organization? Get a first impression and use our free calculator. Discover where your company emits greenhouse gas emissions. Then start reducing these emissions and create a better climate, a cleaner air and less energy costs. By measuring your carbon footprint every year, you can make clear how your climate actions helped you with saving on CO2 and costs.

Please note that the outcomes are scientifically grounded, but approximate. Read this blog when you need help with determining the scope and boundaries of your footprint >

Description Unity Output in kg's CO2 Relative
proportion %
Electricity Kwh
Heating Oil Gallon
Natural Gas therms
Propane Gallon
Diesel for transport litre
Petrol for transport litre
Train km
Bus km
Air short haul (<1.600 km) km
Air long haul (>1.600 km) km
1 mile = 1,61 kilometer (km)        
      Total in KG's
Total %
Number of trees that have to grow one year to absorb these CO2 emissions in their biomass Number of trees
Number of hours that a 2.3 megawatt wind turbine has to work to prevent these CO2 emissions Hours
- US Environmental Protection Agency
- SKAO Foundation the Netherlands
- US Energy Information Administration

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