Start saving on fossil energy use today

You can start your savings here with calculating your carbon footprint.
A carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases (like CO2) that is emitted because of your company’s fossil energy use. Use this footprint as a starting point for further climate actions.

Smart saving tips to stop global warming

Are you interested in energy and fuel savings in your building, transportation and in business processes? Check our quick wins for free, start saving money and the climate right away.

Roadmap to a climate friendly business

A 4-step roadmap to a more efficient business. Save on energy expenses
and create a cleaner air by reducing your fossil energy use.

1. Measure energy consumption

By measuring the energy consumption of your organization or a specific product, you can easily calculate a carbon or CO2-footprint. And with these numbers, you create enviromental awareness which improves savings. When you measure the energy consumption each year, it makes taken energy savings visible. You can calculate your organizations’ carbon footprint on this website yourself by using our free CO2-calculator.

2. Reduce energy consumption

The next step is the reduction of your energy consumption. Discover the innovative tips and solutions in the following sections and ask your local suppliers for their possibilities.
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3. Generate renewable energy

The energy that you need after you have taken reduction measures can, for example be generated by the sun, wind or biomass. Discover what kind of techniques for sustainable energy  are possible. Besides generating sustainable energy yourself, it is also possible to buy green power directly from an energy supplier. Look here for the options and ask local partners how they can be at your service.

4. Communicate with stakeholders

Customers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders can only know and appreciate the steps you have taken towards a carbon-neutral business when they know about it. Therefore, communicate and inspire others to follow your example. In addition, an effective communication strategy will help you to position your sustainable business in the market. Ask your stakeholders about their communicative opportunities or read more about this topic below.
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