Taken energy-saving measures because of a price on carbon

Klimaatplein.com, a social enterprise based in the Netherlands, carried out a unique testcase with carbon pricing with Dutch SME’s one year ago. Three companies gained insight into their carbon footprint and in the amount of money that they would have to pay when there was a price on greenhouse gases (€100,- per ton CO2). What energy-saving measures have these companies taken in response to this testcase in order to keep future CO2 costs as low as possible?

To begin with, the carbon pricing testcase led to more awareness by the participating organizations. Where are CO2 emissions caused, how can this be avoided and what does a price on CO2 do with choices made about energy-efficiency investments? These questions were all answered by taking part of the testcase.

One year later we asked the participating companies what kind of energy-saving and CO2-reduction measures they have taken in response to participation in the testcase. And that are actually quite al lot of measures. Below you can read the list of taken actions by the three participants.

Because of these results, we hope we can expand this testcase as quickly as possible in the Netherlands or elsewhere in the world. For more information, please contact Rob van der Rijt by robvanderrijt (@) klimaatplein.com