What is most profitable? Save energy or generate renewable energy?

On this website, we use a 5-step roadmap towards a carbon neutral business. We show you how you can save on energy as an organization. Next, we show how you can generate sustainable energy. Now what is the most profitable?

To start with

All the energy you do not use, doesn’t has to be generated at all. And there are lots of ways to save on energy costs. Here are some tips that require no investment and are immediately profitable:

  1. Keep the correct air pressure of your car tires. That’ll make a hundred dollar per year.
  2. Keep the doors of your shop closed in winter. Savings: up to 3,000 dollar a year.
  3. Put your computer in the energysave mode. Savings: 40 dollar a year, per computer.

Fossil fuels are running out and become more and more expensive. As a result, energy costs will continue to increase in the coming years. Therefore, it is interesting to do energy saving investments. And of course, climate change is an excellent reason to use less fossil fuels too.

Motion sensors for lights provide an energy saving of 90%. The payback period is two years. Wall, floor, and roof insulation saves up to 30% in energy costs. In five years time, you have these investment paid back.

Most profitable?

Not every company has the opportunity to generate renewable energy. For example, because it is located in a rented building, or because the roof or the ground is not suitable for solar or geothermal energy.

And what kind of government grants or subsidies are there for entrepreneurs interested in energy conservation or renewable generation? There are many opportunities for financial support, both at national, state or municipal level.


In brief there are lots of variables which determine what is the most profitable to do for an organization. And then we haven’t even written about the marketing and PR benefits that a company can achieve when it becomes completely carbon neutral. The fact remains that all the energy you do not use, needs not to be generated. Please walk through our four-step roadmap and see which advantages and opportunities there are for your organization.