Good insulation of windows, walls, the roof and floors reduces heat and cold loss in your companies’ building and improves the work comfort. The financial return of the investment is being paid because of lower energy bills. Check here below for saving tips and ask your local construction partners for advice.

Insulating pipes

Also the insulation of pipes is a profitable activity. Uninsulated pipes give off heat in rooms where no heat is required. For example, pipes give off heat on the ceiling in a space where no direct heat is demanded. The insulation of pipes then gives a direct financial return.

Place a door closer

Open doors create drafts. Door-closers ensure that doors close automatically causing minimal temperature loss. Another possibility is the use of an airlock (at least four meters long) or a revolving door at the entrance of a building. By placing closers it is possible to save 5 to 10% on total energy use. As a shopkeeper you can save up to 43% on heating costs in winter, simply by placing a closer on your shops’ door.

Install High Performance glass

High performance glass insulates much better than single or double glazing. High performance glass is more expensive than standard double glazing, but this difference is earned back within two years, because warm or cool temperatures are better kept in the building which makes your energy bill goes down.

Insulation materials

You save more energy if you choose materials with a high insulation value (R-value). This value depends on the type and thickness of the material. Insulation materials work best when applied carefully without cracks and when they are properly secured. Ask local specialists about the possibilities of energy savings through insulation.