Commercial and industrial buildings use a big part of the energy in national economies at a cost of billions of dollars. Buildings can be made much more efficient using a variety of cost effective efficiency improvements. A sustainable and energy efficient construction starts with a good design where choices are made for sustainable materials and measures for energy-efficiency. Please see below for tips and ideas and ask your local construction partners how they can help you further with making your building or office more sustainable.

Characteristics of sustainable buildings

Sustainable buildings often distinguish themselves by the possibility that they can be used for multiple purposes. It usually has a location that fits very naturally within the surroundings. By building in a sustainable way, the construction will still meet your requirements, even after a long time. Besides that, it will be able to change functionally and remain aesthetically exciting.

The rewards of sustainable construction

A sustainable construction rewards itself and has many possibilities. It is possible to save up to 50% of energy consumption through intelligent building and installation concepts. Start with the generation of renewable energy by using solar energy or thermal storage. Install energy-efficient lighting and reuse areas and materials. Insulate the walls, floors and the roof of your building and use an efficient boiler. The solutions are endless and they will help you save on energy costs.

Construction costs and return on investment

Compared to conventional construction, the initial investment is slightly higher, but attractive subsidies and fiscal measures can compensate the difference in construction costs. When adding on the long term significant savings in energy costs, your choice will tip in favor of sustainable construction. Some measures already know a return on investment of only a few months.