How to save energy within your manufacturing or industrial process? The possibilities are endless! On this page we mention some possibilities of major savings. Make use of the knowledge and expertise of local partners to gain more insight of these possibilities.

Optimize energy use of machines

Measure the energy consumption of your machines and then reset them for better energy efficiency. And turn off machines when they are not actively part of a production process.

Efficient coordination of machinery

The more efficient your internal logistics are, the lower the consumption of energy will be. Put machines together physically in a logical sequence, discover how materials or semi-finished products can be packaged better and evaluate the manner in which goods are transported internally.

Save energy with compressed air

With the compression of air to compressed air, 96% of the needed energy is released and spoiled as heat. The remaining 4% is actually used for the compressed air. Then also pressure is lost due to transport through long or thin lines and due to leaks or improper adjustment of the air driven equipment. By optimizing the use and recovering the heat, a lot can be saved on power consumption and costs. The same applies to energy-efficient control of the installation and proper maintenance.

Less energy consumption through savings on materials

Savings on energy is also possible by changing the composition of a product. This can be achieved by using fewer materials (dematerialisation) or by using different materials (material substitution). With dematerialisation you gain energy from the use of fewer materials per unit of product. An example of this is the reduction of packaging material. With material substitution one commodity is replaced by another, more energy-efficient one. With respect to raw material substitution, you can also consider using recycled materials, such as plastic recyclate.