Economical and climate-friendly passenger transport

For many companies (personal) transport causes a large part of all CO2 emissions. It is quite easy to reduce these emissions. This starts with a research about how your transport can be orgaanized more economically and climate-friendly. Then value the alternatives of fossil transport on their environmental impact. In some countries the train drives on 100% green electricity, a bicycle or an electric car (charged with green electricity) do not cause any CO2 emissions. Take a look at the tips below for economical and climate-friendly passenger transport and ask service providers nearby your company for their possibilities and advice.

Proper tire pressure

A car wastes energy when it drives on soft tires. By keeping a proper tire pressure you can save about 2 to 5 percent on fuel costs. You should check tire pressure at least every two months.

Energy efficient driving

When you’re driving a car, switch to a higher gear as soon as possible, and continue to drive in a steady speed in the highest gear. For all cars the advice is to switch to a higher gear between 2,000 and 2,500 rpm.  In addition, look as far ahead as possible and anticipate to other traffic. If you notice that you need to reduce your speed or stop at a traffic light, then let go of the gas, do not disconnect and keep the car rolling in the gear it is in at that time.

Flexible transportation

As an employer, offer your employees (public) pool cars or car sharing programs. This way, people can come to their workplace or office by bicycle or public transportation and then use an electric or fuel-efficient car from there to visit clients. Also, an employer can depend the financial compensation of travelled miles by employees by the environmental friendliness of the choosen way of transportation.

Public transport as a climate friendly alternative

Public transport is one of the most energy efficient and thus environmental friendly transportation options. Public transportation nowadays takes commuters to any desired destination quickly and safely. By using the train, bus, metro or tram as alternative personal transportation, you are brought from A to B in an energy efficient and environmentally friendly way.

The benefits of cycling

A bicycle does not cause greenhouse gas emissions, cycling is healthy for body and mind and cycling is a cheap alternative way of transportation. Have a discussion with your employer about the possibilities of using the bicycle as a means of transportation.