Your electricity and gas consumption, traffic on the road and in the air are activities that cause greenhouse gas emissions. By examining what causes these emissions within your organization, you can also take immediate action to reduce them. With our free carbon footprint calculator you can simply determine your footprint yourself. See below for more tips that can help you.

Determine and monitor your carbon footprint

You can calculate, identify and manage the carbon footprint of your organization, product or service. By simply making an inventory of your fossil energy use, you get insight in where greenhouse gases are emited. By determining your carbon footprint you can create awareness and focus on the reduction of energy costs. At the same time it is possible to monitor which achievements your reduction initiatives have reached each year.

Verifying your carbon footprint

After you have determined the footprint of your organization, product, or service it is possible to verify that footprint. An independent organization makes a verification report which demonstrates conclusively where and what causes the emission of greenhouse gases within your organization, product or service.