LED lighting for a sustainable and energy-efficient workplace

Sustainable entrepreneurship starts with an energy-efficient workplace. In addition to a well-insulated building, solar panels and fossil free heating and cooling, there can often be made a profit when you choosing for the right lighting. The switch to LED can reduce your energy consumption on lighting up to 90%. This is a simple step towards money saving and sustainability.

Why save with LED lighting?

It is important that there is sufficient lighting in your office, warehouse or other workplaces. This means that light sources often are switched on for hours at a considerable wattage. That is precisely why it is interesting for offices and warehouses to switch to LED lighting.

LED consumes significantly less wattage for the same amount of light than a halogen, energy-saving or gas discharge lamp. This means that LED can greatly reduce your energy consumption for lighting, without compromising the light output. On the contrary, the lifespan of LED is much longer: an LED lamp works for 35,000 hours on average, while a halogen lamp needs to be replaced after 3,500 hours. LED lamps also become less hot and are more resistant to vibrations and shocks. In addition, many LED lighting is also waterproof.

With LED lighting you not only save directly on energy consumption, but you also make a profitable investment for the long term, with a reduction in maintenance costs.

LED light fits in every space 

Whether you want to illuminate an office building, warehouse or shed: LED lighting comes in all shapes and sizes, so you can always choose a suitable solution.  


Panels are often used in office buildings and open-plan offices. You can easily replace these for LED panels, without any further work on your existing suspended ceiling. It is important to pay attention to the UGR value of the panels. The UGR value says something about the glare caused by the light source, which in turn influences the concentration of the people who work there. For offices a UGR <19 is recommended. In addition to panels, you can of course also replace your other office lighting with LED: think of spotlights, fluorescent lighting, warehouse lighting, or of course the outdoor lighting of your building. 

Warehouses, sheds and halls 

Lighting a larger space such as a warehouse or shed is no problem at all with LED. Traditional TLs (luminaires and tubes) are easy to replace for LED variants and large gas discharge lamps (HID / HPI) are also available in LED (also called high bays). Replacing these powerful light sources for energy-efficient ones will save you significant on energy bills. In addition, they immediately give the full light output, without starting or warming up time. The longer lifespan of this lighting is also extra pleasant: so you (or your installer) don’t have to go to the high ceiling of your warehouse as before. 

Parking lots and areas 

Outdoors, proper lighting is important to ensure worker safety. You can easily illuminate parking spaces and grounds, for example, with LED. Choose floodlights to let enough light shine. Don’t want to leave your lights on unnecessarily? Then think about installing motion detectors and sensors. For example, for lighting in a shed: light is only needed here when someone is actually there. But there are also various rooms inside where you can save many hours of lighting with motion detectors. For example, consider the toilets. This makes saving energy almost automatic!