Have local municipalities in the Netherlands installed degrowth conditions and are there initiatives that align with creating a degrowth society? In a research conducted in 2022 many measures and conditions were gathered by interviewing ten local leaders from different Dutch cities.

The researchers discovered many initiatives that contribute to a greener and more just society. Nevertheless, as is shown in the discussion chapter, its elaboration in practice is completely insufficient. It does not contribute enough to stay within social and ecological boundaries. Of course, it remains highly valuable to take initiatives that contribute to a reduced energy and material consumption, but as long as it is not implemented in a well-planned, safe and equitable way, it will continue to pursue green growth.

Conditions, measures en recommendations for degrowth policies

By formulating recommendations for policymakers, the researchers end their article on a practical manner. This also makes it clear where more efforts are needed to be able to flourish as a municipality within its ecological and social boundaries.

Interested in which measures and conditions of degrowth were mentioned? And interested in how the researchers discuss these outcomes and which policy recommendations they give? Then please have a look at the article here >