Door: Rob van der Rijt, 8 November 2016

10 Energy Saving tips for Buildings

1. Trap the heat inside
By keeping your shop doors closed, not locked ;-), during the winter months you can save up to 43% on energy consumption. Customers appreciate this behaviour as there is less of a draft through the shop and a reduction in outside noise. Click here to learn more about how you can preserve your building.

2. Adjust heat to cold storage
Adjust thermal storage in the bottom level by using a ground source heat pump. Investments can be recovered in certain cases within 5 years. Click here to learn more about Self Generation of renewable energy.

3. Insulate
Insulate the walls, roofs and floors of the building. This prevents heat loss and helps you to save directly on energy costs. Click here to find out more about insulating your company’s buildings.

4. Create Insight into Energy Consumption
In some cases, up to 30% of energy usage is wasted because machines and electronic devices are left on standby throughout the night.  Create an understanding of energy consumption and turn devices off or install timers for the hours when your building is empty.  Click here to learn more about creating insight of your energy use.

5. Heat Recovery Ventilation
Reduce heat loss through ventilation. It is possible to apply a balanced heat recovery ventilation system. The air in your building will be circulated and refreshed, but the energy spent heating is not lost.

6. Lighting
Provide adequate access to natural daylight in the workplace and install motion detection devices and daylight-dependent lighting to save on power use.  Click here for more tips for saving energy on lighting.

7. Water Conservation
Limit the consumption of hot water through water saving devices such as air mixers and thermostat-taps.

8. Install a Solar Boiler
By placing a solar heated water boiler on your company’s roof, water is heated for free and you save automatically on gas consumption.

9. High Efficiency Boilers
By purchasing a high efficiency boiler you save directly to natural gas consumption through improved energy efficiency.

10. Change of Power Supplier
Every power supplier is different.  There are those that offer Green power  and gas and others that don’t.  There are also energy suppliers who brainstorm actively with you about saving energy or generating your own renewable energy. Click here for more information about Green Power suppliers.

Foto: Citymarketing Tilburg