Use residual heat or cold

Energy savings can be achieved by reusing residual heat or cold. For example, from one company building to another. Or from the south facade to the north facade (winter) or vice versa (summer). Or the residual heat from a production process (for example a compressor) for heating a building. For example, place a heat exchanger in a transport-aircanal to the outside, so that the heat can be used to heat the rooms, or blow the warm air directly into the rooms to be heated.

If the ingoing and outgoing transport-aircanals are close to each other, install a cross flow heat exchanger so that the heat from the exhaust can be transferred to a central air supply of the dryer. Heat released by cooling products can also be usefully used elsewhere in the building, for space heating or domestic hot water.

  • Heating and cooling
  • Check the settings of the heating and cooling every year
  • Demand-driven heating, cooling and ventilation
  • Heat recovery system
  • Infra-red heating panels
  • Energy-efficient ventilation