Solar Energy

With the help of solar heating, hot water is delivered through a system that works both on a slanted or a flat roof. During the period when the sun does not provide enough energy to heat the water to the desired value of 65 degrees Celsius, you will need some extra help. That’s why this system is often also connected to the central heating boiler or heat pump.

Next to solar collectors there are also solar panels that convert the energy of the sun into electricity. Solar panels are about 2 inches thick and consist of glass with solar cells in it. The electricity is created by light conversion and low voltage is transformed through an inverter to a usable voltage. Because solar panels work on light, the sun does not necessarily need to shine to generate energy. Solar panels can be either placed on a slanted or a flat roof (preferably facing south or southwest).

  • Generation of renewable energy
  • Windenergy
  • Biomass
  • Heat pump
  • Return on investment and subsidies
  • The hybrid heat pump. Also suitable for shops, a warehouse or office?

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