How to save easy on the energy-use of your PC?

When you’re not using your PC for a while, you can adjust the screensettings so that it will dim or shut off.  With that adjustment you can save easily a lot of energy and money.  You can even save up to 99% of energy and costs. You can start immediately with saving by clicking on the buttons Start, Control Panel, Energysavings on your PC. Click here for an extensive instruction. Large organizations can switch the energy-settings of all PC’s by their IT department.


Calculate directly what you can save on your PC’s!

  Amount Saving on energycosts in € Reduction of CO2-emission in kg's Number of trees* Number of hours windmill**

* Number of adult trees that have to grow for one year to absorb this amount of CO2-emisions
** Number of hours that a 2.3 Megawatt windmill has to rotate to prevent this amount of CO2-emisions.