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The energy consumption for fluorescent lighting is caused by the fluorescent tube and ballast (with old TL called ‘starter’). You are still using old-fashioned fluorescent when you can change the tubes when they are broken, and when the light flashes when switching on the light or at the end of the lifetime of the tubes. For an immediate reduction of energy costs, replace your old lighting by high-frequency (HF) lighting or LED tubes. HF lighting is characterized by an electronic ballast. The advantage of an electronic ballast is that it consumes much less energy than a mechanical or magnetic starter (about 5 watts instead of 12). HF lights stays on average about 50% longer on service. Moreover, HF lighting is dimmable, which allows you to dim the lights depending on the amount of daylight (daylight-dependent-dimming). This uses even less energy. LED tubes can save another 30% on energy consumption compared to high frequency lighting and can also be applied to your old gear. Ask for more possibilities the experts below:

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