Infra-red heating panels

Heat panels with infrared radiation do not heat the air, as with traditional heating, but only the surface it is aimed at. This means that you are not unnecessarily heating the air above you. It can be used for indoor and outdoor areas. For example for offices, houses, industrial halls, but also for animal shelters or terraces. Because there is no air circulation with this heating method, less dust circulates in the room. Depending on the provider, the panels can be switched on and off remotely with a wireless thermostat or via an app.

By irradiating the objects directly with infrared heating, you have a much more efficient heating than with convection, where the air must first be heated. This is obvious in high industrial areas, but can also be used for separate (work) places where heating is required. With infrared panels you can create one homogeneous room or just heat it where you need comfort. This way you can save a lot on your energy costs.

This heating technology does not require natural gas, but electricity. And when that power is generated with, for example, our own solar energy, wind energy or fed with green electricity, the infrared solar panels work completely energy neutral.

  • Heating and cooling
  • Check the settings of the heating and cooling every year
  • Demand-driven heating, cooling and ventilation
  • Heat recovery system
  • Energy-efficient ventilation
  • Use residual heat or cold