Door: Rob van der Rijt, 25 February 2015

The importance of the Paris Climate Conference 2015

At the end of this year, perhaps one of the most important climate conferences ever will take place in Paris. During this summit world leaders indicate how planet earth stays below an additional 2 degrees of temperature rise. In a new climate agreement, every country must then formulate its contribution to limit further climate change.

To limit global warming to a further 2 degrees Celsius, countries must take drastic action. It is therefore urgent that they significantly reduce the consumption of fossil fuels. And that is an absolute necessity. The International Energy Agency reports that at the current rate, in twenty years, we are living in a world that is already two degrees warmer. At the end of this century that may be a possible four to six degrees warmer – think of all the social, environmental and economic risks that will occur.

Climate Treaty Paris successor Kyoto Protocol

The climate summit in Paris leads to agreements that will come in effect after 2020. In 2020 the current Kyoto Protocol expires and there is no follow-up to the agreements reached in 1997 in Kyoto, Japan, and in 2012 in Doha, Qatar. Under the current Kyoto Protocol is agreed that participating countries (unfortunately, countries like the U.S., Japan and Canada did not commit) will decrease their CO2 emissions compared to 1990 by 18% .

European Union

Early this year, the European Commission has set out new climate goals for 2030. In sixteen years, greenhouse gas emissions must be 40% lower than the level in 1990. Some European governments indicated that the proposed CO2 reduction of 40% is the absolute bottom so it can be ensured that by 2050 greenhouse gas emissions will be 80 to 95 % lower than in 1990. The world agreed on these percentages to avoid the warming of the earth with more than 2 degrees Celsius this century. How the rest of the world describes its objectives should be apparent before the climate summit in Paris starts. And besides formulating objectives it is of course particularly important HOW the accomplishment of these objectives is reached.

Business opportunities

Stringent CO2 reduction measures will lead to many opportunities for businesses. In addition to a focus on saving on their own fossil energy, innovations in the field of energy efficiency and renewable generation can take a huge flight. That there is an increasing need for new technological opportunities for energy savings and renewable generation is obvious. Only then climate goals can be achieved. On the website of Carbon Footprint Management some frontrunners can be find that offer products and services that are already giving concrete shape to an energy-and cost-conscious organization. Curious to see what they can do for the climatepolicy of your organization? Then please see our free five-step roadmap for a carbon neutral business.