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IBM helps SMEs to save energy on ICT

IBM engineers usually immediately see where businesses can save energy in their server rooms. How does the air flow, what does the interior look like and does the space separate hot and cold blocks from each other? These are some of the solutions how SMEs can save on their ICT costs.

Warner Dijkhuizen is responsible for the IBM CSR policy within the Benelux. He sees sustainability as a part of the DNA of the company: “IBM has started over a century ago. The ideas and values ​​that founder Watson had in mind still count: it is important that you do your best at work, but also serve your knowledge and experience to society. ”

Same philosophy

Through the years, the emphasis has shifted from hardware development and production of computers to developing software and delivering services. But the philosophy has remained the same. And from that idea IBM uses its expertise to help SMEs to save on the energy-use of their ICT.

Dijkhuizen: “We are a information-technology company that helps businesses to save money. That can be done in different ways. Look closely at the design of the server room. Many SMEs have started with one server; then came a second and third and these were just put on top. Later cooling comes in and before you know it the whole server room is full with devices. By thinking about the serverspace all over again and by focusing on power and cooling there may be much to save. ”

In the cloud

“But perhaps it is even more advantageous for many SMEs to work in the cloud. Then you’re lost of the problems with an expanding server space. And this can also provide a considerable saving. ”

In addition, IBM also provides advice in the areas of data analysis, social computing and mobile computing. “In all three areas there is a lot of profit to gain. We are bombarded by all sorts of data every day. How can you as an entrepreneur use this on an efficient way? Or how can you use Facebook and Twitter to make money? Do you forbid your employees to check social media at work or do you instead use it for the organization’s own benefits?

Change is part of it

And perhaps the most important lesson that IBM has learned and can share with SMEs is that transformation will always be part of doing business. In the hundred years that IBM exists a lot has changed. IBM began producing scales and cheese slicers, ​in the 70’s and 80’s we made computers and now we focus on consulting and advice. Dijkhuizen: “It’s been a great trip which doesn’t stop today or tomorrow.”

Six billion

IBM is not afraid of change which is demonstrated by the expenditure on research and product development. With an annual investment of six billion dollars, the IBM R & D department is the largest privately funded research laboratory in the world. Currently there is much attention for a revolutionary chip. This chip must be four times faster than the current chips and use just a fraction of energy. Energy consumption can go down gigantic. Not only for the processor, but also for cooling.

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