Door: Carbon footprint management, 18 December 2014

Compromise on climate summit Lima, in preparation for Paris

In Lima was, during the latest UN climate summit, reached a compromise on the reduction of CO2 emissions. According to observers, the agreements are vague. Yet the result is better than it originally appeared: The head of the US delegation had previously warned of the total jamming of the process, which must lead to a global climate agreement.

There remain deep divisions between rich and poor countries over the size and scope of the plans to tackle global warming. The conflict comes down to the point that poorer countries believe that especially the rich countries must reduce their emissions, because they have caused most of the changing climate.


But as countries like China and India emit lots of greenhouse gases now, the rich countries think that they have to participate too. Poorer countries also believe that they should be compensated for the damage they suffer from climate change. The 37 page document of the agreement, however, contains more questions than answers, as numerous options remain open. The details will be negotiated in December 2015 at the important UN climate conference in Paris.