“Thanks to our new compressor we reduced energy consumption with 30%”

Hassan Abid,

“Our own biomass plant makes us more independent from fossil fuels”

Jody van de Griendt,

“The new LED lighting in
our swim
accommodation saves us 60% of energy use”

Lucienne van der Graaf,
Sports centre
Zevenkampse Ring.

“60% of our energy demand is generated with renewables”

Peter de Rooy,
De Rooy Transport & logistics.

Saving energy and generating renewable energy for businesses.

Energy saving tips

On our website you will find partners and tips for savings on your company’s energy expenses and the possibilities of generating renewable energy. You can also use our free 5-step roadmap which helps you towards a carbon neutral business. Each step of our roadmap offers a range of energy saving tips and the right partners which can help you to take concrete measures.

Direct cost reduction

Next to our five-step roadmap, you can also start saving on energy consumption immediately by using our Quick Wins for the Built environment, Transportation and Business processes. Get involved in tackling the climate change problem and follow us on Twitter!

Be inspired

Many organizations have already become carbon-neutral businesses. They saved substantially on energy costs and started the generation of renewable energy. Be inspired by the many options which contribute to a better Planet, People and Profit and start immediately by using our free 5 step-roadmap towards a carbon neutral business.