Check the settings of the heating and cooling every year

Practice shows that the heating in buildings is often turned on unnecessarily. For example, because the person who has turned on the heating forgets to turn it off again. This situation can be prevented by making the radiator knobs or the thermostat more visible. And by making employees aware of the benefits of energy savings. A temperature reduction on average yields a cost saving of 6% per degree Celsius.

Note the settings

Central heating boilers and air conditioners are installed with the regular basic settings. Often these settings are not optimal. The activities of your company also change over the years (think of more employees, different shift system, opening hours). That is why it is smart to readjust those installation-settings at least once a year. That only takes a few hours of work from an installer. The average saving is up to 9%.

Replace doorseals of cold stores and freezers

Doors of cold stores and freezers do not always close properly due to damaged door seals. Replace these rubbers so that the doors close properly again and thus keep the cold inside. That saves energy. A poorly closing door will generate 2 to 5% more energy consumption on an annual basis.

  • Heating and cooling
  • Demand-driven heating, cooling and ventilation
  • Heat recovery system
  • Infra-red heating panels
  • Energy-efficient ventilation
  • Use residual heat or cold